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Friday, March 14, 2008

Big Dipper: Update #8

The New York State Union of Teachers has published its take on the double-dipping controversy. This 2-paragraph piece appears in the 13 March 2006 edition of NYSUT's party line paper, New York Teacher, on page 6:
"Wasteful spending contributes to property tax issues.

NYSUT President Dick Iannuzzi said that Newsday's investigation into school district expenditures on law firms shows that wasteful spending is a contributor to rising property taxes affecting communities statewide.

Because of the property tax increases, some lawmakers are calling for tax caps that would impose limits on the amount public schools could increase spending in any given year. NYSUT has opposed these caps, saying they would curb investment in public schools. They have hurt education in other states where they have been implemented and would lock in disparities that exist among school districts throughout the state, NYSUT leaders say."


Hold it right there!! It's wrong for the school districts to waste the taxpayers' money on pensions for outside attorneys, but its okay when the NYSUT milks the taxpayers with the teacher pension costs? Milorganite!!!!

Howcum whenever my household has a cash crunch, we have to cap our spending, but when the school districts have a cash crunch the just raise taxes?

Why can't my wife and I just ask our employers for a salary increase whenever our household spending crosses the line?

NYSUT costs the taxpayers far, far more than Larry Reich costs us. Dick Iannuzzi is one big hypocrite!!!

Why can't the school districts and the teacher's unions live within their budgets, just like the rest of us?

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