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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Res Ipsa Loquitur

Some AP cub reporter, with nothing more newsworthy to report, has written up a "Woody Allen comes out in support of Polanski" release which, no doubt, will be picked up in rags across the country, if not the world.

"Allen said Polanski 'was embarrassed by the whole thing,' 'has suffered' and 'has paid his dues.' He said Polanski is 'an artist and is a nice person' who 'did something wrong and he paid for it.'"

What Woody seems to miss is that Polanski was, and is, a fugitive from justice. Polanski's suffering is of his own making. Though I do empathize with Polanski in his capacity as a victim of the Manson Family's crime spree (he did lose his wife and unborn child to their murderous rampage), that does not, in my book, excuse his contempt for the court by jumping bail before his sentencing hearing.

And so, Roman Polanski, the child rapist, is confined to his luxurious condominium. Maybe he ought to quit while he is ahead. I've never seen either, but I very strongly suspect that Polanski's digs in Gstaad are far superior to the accommodations in San Quentin.

Note that Woody Allen, who married a younger woman who, though technically not his daughter, is effectively the legal sibling of his child, is no better. As usual, Woody just doesn't get it!

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