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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Taxing the Seed

William C. Naylor, Jr.’s academic and athletic achievements are noteworthy, but are greatly exceeded by his estimation of himself. Naylor established the Free Fertility Foundation, so that he could distribute his own sperm to women of his sole choosing. Naylor sought a tax exemption for his foundation, but the IRS nixed it, and the Tax Court upheld the IRS’s decision.

Specifically, the IRS contended that Naylor’s foundation does not promote health or serve a charitable purpose, notwithstanding Naylor’s contention that the public is well served by the free distribution of Naylor’s semen to women of his own choice.

With all due empathy to those having fertility issues (the building of our own family was not without its difficulties), Naylor’s foundation is the antithesis of serving the public good. Naylor is merely using his foundation as an instrumentality of his own ego.

I note that Naylor’s son is active in the foundation, and question the son’s integrity in that regard. Also noted is Naylor’s representation by Marcus Owens, Esq., formerly the IRS’s head honcho for tax-exempt organizations.

If Naylor wishes to go around sowing his seed, let him pay taxes on the same basis as everyone else. And let him pay for the kids he spawns!

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