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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Terrorist Candid Camera

According to an Associated Press article, the sob sisters in the MSM and Israel's Foreign Press Association are now whining that Israel is using videos confiscated from some of the participants in the "flotilla" incident. They seem to think that just because the footage was shot by journalists, it should be off-limits to the Israelis as far as explaining Israel's side of the story goes.

To which I say, "Boo Freakin' Hoo!"

The MSM has long used articles and footage from the terrorist organizations to constitute its own stories (can you say "Al Jazeera"?). And the MSM has long used information from whatever sources it can get, and has long insisted upon its Constitutional right to not disclose those sources.

The MSM seems ill postured to deal with the fact that Israel is beating it at its own game.

What really galls the MSM, no doubt, is the damning quality of the evidence. As more and more evidence surfaces, Israel's case grows stronger and stronger.

Now that Israel has shown that it can keep the flotilla people out of Gaza, maybe Netanyahu should take another testosterone shot and start excluding foreign journalists who serve as the terrorists' useful idiots.

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