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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Not All Terrorists ...

It is not unusual to hear one of the leftist Sob Sisters assert that "Not All Muslims Are Terrorists and Not All Terrorists Are Muslim."

This happens to be true. My two-word proof:

Lori Berenson!

It distresses me to report that terrorist Lori Berenson has been released from a Peruvian prison, along with the Terrorist-In-Training to whom she gave birth while incarcerated, said TIT having been fathered by her lawyer. I don't know what the attorney disciplinary rules are in Peru, but I suspect that if I were to impregnate a prisoner with whom I had a lawyer-client relationship, it would warrant a suspension of my law license if not a disbarment. [Of course, once the Disciplinary Committee got finished with me, my wife would come in and give me some real, heavy, big time consequences.]. Fortunately, I (A) do not cheat on my wife; and (B) do not represent clients in criminal cases.

Lori is confined to Peru, a supervised release of sorts, until some time in 2015. That is good for America, but bad for the people of Peru. Her disingenuous assertions of innocence will not now be glorified through repetition and reposting.

I almost feel bad for Lori. She really never stood much of a chance in life, what with the two enablers she has as parents.

As far as Lori's purported rehabilitation goes, you can count me among the skeptical.

Methinks that a certain Administration currently ensconced at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, soft as it is on terrorism, played a key role in springing Lori. After all, he and his cronies will need all the votes they can garner.

And so, the Sob Sisters are correct. Look at Lori's photo and repeat after me: "Not All Muslims Are Terrorists and Not All Terrorists Are Muslim." Lori Berenson is proof, at least of the latter contention.

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