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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rosh HaShanah 5771 (Wrap-up)

We had an interesting Rosh HaShanah. It is two days, but this year, the next day was our religious Sabbath, which meant 3 days of not doing certain tasks. Accordingly, I have just caught up on my e-mail backlog (and my snail mail backlog, for that matter).

We frequently have guests for Shabbat or the holidays. This year, our guest was of the canine species. Due to a series of miscommunications, there was a misunderstanding as to who would take care of my son's roommate's sister's Yorkshire Terrier. About 2 hours before candle lighting time (signifying the beginning of the holiday), there was this Yorkie whose mistress had left town, and whose mistress's brother and roommates were about to leave for their respective Rosh HaShanah hosts, neither of which was conducive to bring the Yorkie for the 3-day period, thus leaving the Yorkie (named Maxine) with no place to go for Rosh HaShanah. My wife agreed that we would take Maxine (after consulting with me, of course).

And so, our son dropped Maxine off with us while he was en route to his Rosh HaShanah destination (the home of a Rabbi who had been a teacher of his when he was in junior high school, whose wife is terrified of dogs). Maxine was very well behaved and dispositioned, and it was certainly a pleasure to have her.

My son has returned home. He is now doing his laundry, and will probably stay the night before returning Maxine to her mistress (or, more likely, to his roommate, who is Maxine's mistress's brother).

One of the members of our congregation is now ill, and in no condition to come to services to hear the Shofar. So I walked the 2.5 miles to his house and sounded my own Shofar, just for him and his wife. It was good to see them, but I am quite concerned about his condition.

After the end of Shabbat, I decided to go running a few miles. This layoff of 3+ days without any significant aerobic exercise (that aforementioned 2.5 miles walk plus 2.5 miles return was the closest thing to aerobic exertion I had) is beginning to take its toll. The run did me good.

Next Shabbat happens to be Yom Kippur, so there will be none of the usual eating. Until Yom Kippur, we are in a period of penitence. Accordingly, earnestly I ask forgiveness from all whom I have wronged, and, in turn, grant forgiveness to those who ask it of me in earnest.

Wishing a Shanah Tova, a Good Year, to Everyone!

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