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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Flooding at Turtle Bay

The stories of Hurricane Sandy's devastation and destruction just keep coming in, and each one paints an increasingly ominous picture of just how devastating and destructive the storm was.  My day without electricity or cell phone, and the tree that fell on my wife's car, all seem mild compared to the misfortunes that have befallen others.

I took a bike ride this morning, (A) to get my daily physical workout, and (B) to explore the situation without having to waste gasoline by turning the car around every time I come to a blocked street.  Most of the traffic lights are still not working.  There are lots of downed trees and telephone poles.  I saw a car which drove into a leaning tree (trunk close to 3 feet in diameter), which fell upon it and crushed it, taking down live electric wires and blocking a relatively significant thorofare in the process.  The driver (who, a witness informed me, was high on drugs at the time) was hospitalized.

Yes, the news just keeps getting gloomier and gloomier.

But there is one silver lining to it all:  The United Nations headquarters in Manhattan took a hit from Sandy as well.

Yes, I know that they will probably repair it and go forward with the UN's nefarious agenda.  But in times of stress like this, one needs to fantasize a little bit.  And if the damage were to actually force the UN to relocate to Mogadishu or Peshawar or Khartoum or Benghazi or Cairo or some other locale outside of the USA, then my day without electricity and the tree on my wife's car will have been be well worth the trade.

But for now, the UN remains a cancerous tumor in the body of America.


  • At 01 November, 2012 22:58, Blogger Aaron said…

    There's a silver lining in every storm cloud isn't there? As long as they're closed they're limited in the damage they can continue to do at least


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