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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Collateral Casualties

Seems that three British women (apparently of the Muslim faith) who were en route to join another planned flotilla to Gaza were raped and beaten by Libyan soldiers in Benghazi.  Two of them are sisters, and the attack occurred in the presence of their father.

Unfortunately, the women and their father and their traveling companions are probably more concerned with demonizing Israel than with the barbarity of the people from whom Israel also must defend itself.

It has been said that if there were no State of Israel, the Muslims would be killing each other.  Apparently, even Israel's existence does not protect the Muslims from internecine warfare.

In a few hours, the last days of the Festival of Passover will be upon us.  My wife and I will be doing it all relatively simply, perhaps with a few guests for one or more of the meals.  Knowing how unstable, disorganized and lawless the enemies of Israel and the Jewish people are, I have complete faith that G-d will protect us as we celebrate our holiday.

[And to our friends who are celebrating their Easter holiday today, our best wishes.].

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  • At 19 April, 2013 16:18, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Here is proof that the murderers in Boston are extremists Muslims. Now do you believe me? It is in Russian, but I am having someone translate it. It is his Facebook with extremist Muslim beliefs. Check out it out for yourself. My Synagogue and I have been threatened and damage was done to my garage door.



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