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Monday, July 15, 2013

Selective Visa Reciprocity

There is nothing simple as far as America's relationships with Middle East nations goes.  This is true even when there is an Administration that is driven by true American values; it is all the more true when the Administration in power has based its foreign policy upon continual apology to the world for being American.

As reported in various news outlets, there is legislation now in the House and in the Senate which would, among other things, designate Israel as a Visa Waiver Program country, but would not provide for total reciprocity because it would effectively give Israel greater discretion to reject American passports than the United States to reject Israeli passports.  This has some people all upset.

Whether such asymmetry is or is not appropriate is a matter of personal opinion.   For the record, I strongly believe it to be appropriate, given the relative and actual numbers of American passport holders who have avowed to destroy Israel and exterminate its citizens, as compared to the relative and actual numbers of Israeli passport holders who have avowed to destroy America and exterminate its citizens.  [Never mind that so many of the American passport holders who have avowed to destroy Israel and exterminate its citizens have also vowed similar for America.].

But if you are going to piss and moan and whine about Israel not giving visiting Americans 100% of the same privileges the United States extends to visiting Israelis, then don't single out Israel!  Demand that Mexico give Americans who are illegally in Mexico free access to education, healthcare, public assistance and other such privileges of Mexican citizens.  Ditto for all other countries.

Hold all the other countries to the same standard to which you would hold Israel!

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