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Monday, January 06, 2014

I Didn't Want Him Dead

Now the latest diversion for the insular religious Jewish community is the case of Menacham "Max" Stark, who was abducted and whose body was found, smoldering in burning ashes, in a dumpster at a gas station.  Tragic enough.  But the real controversy, which has really taken the matter viral, is that the New York Post ran it on their front page with the headline "Who Didn't Want Him Dead?"  This, of course, has caused much anguish to the late Mr. Stark's family, over and above that of the circumstances of his brutal murder.  Now, there is much dissatisfaction brewing with the New York Post.  And the politicians are having a field day.

My comments:

1.  Number One, First and Foremost:   I. Did. Not. Want. Him. Dead.

2.  I have never dealt directly with Mr. Stark, but I do have some friends and acquaintances who have.  While I regret his passing, and the brutal manner in which it came about, I cannot say that I regret not having had occasion to meet him.  He apparently (read "definitely") was a slumlord who did dirty to tenant and contractor alike.  His property management practices drew much attention from the many cognizant administrative agencies in the bloated New York City government bureaucracy.

3.  I shall not now speculate on who the murderer(s) may be.  There are several (read "copious") possibilities and motives from amongst a broad spectrum of individuals (which is the very point the New York Post was really trying to make).  Anything is possible, including a plurality of Stark's enemies got together and followed the script of an Agatha Christie novel.  Let the police detectives and investigators do their thing, and let the chips fall where they may! And let the perps be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

4.  The New York Post exhibited abysmally poor taste in presenting the story.  Even by their own standards.

5.  However, I cannot help but note that many of those who now condemn the New York Post for its sensationalism have themselves been party to oversensationalizing other matters.

6.  I absolutely feel bad for Menachem Stark's family.  His children are innocent victims, and, unless and until shown otherwise, I shall presume that his widow is also an innocent victim and was not complicit in his nefarious enterprises.

7.  Stark is being touted amongst the insular Jewish community as a humanitarian who was very generous with his millions of dollars to help the needy of the community.  All well and good, but if the money was stolen then it wasn't kosher.

8.  The most troubling aspect of this all -- no less troubling than the crime itself -- is a failure by the leaders of the insular Jewish community to acknowledge that, independent of his victimhood,  Stark's hands were dirty.  Filthy dirty!  This sends the wrong message to their children.

9.  Query:  Will those who are screaming for blood change their tune if it turns out that the perp was one of their own?

10.  No, I am not a fan of Menachem Stark.  Nevertheless, I did not want him dead. Rest in Peace, Menachem Stark!

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  • At 08 January, 2014 10:48, Anonymous Robert the Biker said…

    It sounds to me like he picked the wrong guy or group of guys *ahem* mobbed up *ahem* to piss off. Sometimes people fail to realise that they can be the biggest baddest fish in the pond, but there can be a larger pond they would have been very wise to stay out of. Police are looking for suspects; in those neighbourhoods? Throw a brick!

  • At 08 January, 2014 21:09, Blogger Expatriate Owl said…

    Robert, more developments are surfacing daily if not hourly in this case. Still too early to call this one, but I would not be the least surprised if it involved his partner and/or the Satmar Rebbi.

    Just speculating.


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