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Tuesday, December 09, 2014

It's About To Get Very, Very Ugly

Other than regularly and emphatically exercising their right to vote, my parents were not especially politically active, what with their other pressing issues and concerns.  They leaned Democratic, but that was the Democratic party of the 1950's and 1960's and 1970's, which is a totally different creature than the one we know today.   [Back in those days, the Republicans condoned too much antisemitism within their own ranks for my parents to really latch onto their wagon  --  the situation is essentially reversed today.].  My parents almost always split their tickets in the voting booth (though Dad did once write a letter to our Republican Congressman, in which he threatened to vote a straight ticket for the first time in his life if the Congressman did not come out against a particular issue.).

It was taken as a matter of faith that Jews and Blacks were in the same boat with the discrimination and prejudice, and indeed, there was much concord between the two groups (though some cracks began to appear after the riots of the early 1960's, when Black rioters looted Jewish businesses, and forays of African-Americans into what had been heavily Jewish neighborhoods caused much flight from cities to suburbs). 

Though some so-called Jewish "leaders" hew to that amity, it has long been a thing of the past, as the Black community leadership niches were filled by many who did not and do not measure up to the standards of a Martin Luther King.

Fast-forward to 9 December 2014.  The rabble-rousers and hatemongers in the Black community are already causing all kinds of disturbances in America because some police officers dared to try to arrest some Black thugs and criminals.  [N.B.  This is not to say that there should be no accountability for the police, and indeed, one component of such accountability would be body cameras.].  And then, a Black man, quite possibly with mental health issues, goes into a synagogue in Brooklyn, shouts "kill the Jews," and stabs a Jewish worshipper.   [Not just any synagogue, but the one at the headquarters of a major Jewish religious movement.].   The police arrive, the assailant resist arrest and makes threatening gestures, and is shot dead by the NYPD.  The incident was captured on video.

And the stabbing victim is reportedly not doing well in the hospital.

So now, the Black leadership is against police killing suspects (especially the NYPD), and the Jewish community has benefitted from the police killing a suspect who, in all likelihood, would have committed more murder and mayhem had he not been neutralized by the NYPD.

Fortunately, New York City and vicinity are now being inundated by a nor'easter storm, which will at least postpone the confrontations that may well follow.

I hope to be mistaken, but I believe that the situation will soon get very, very ugly!

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