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Thursday, March 05, 2015

Am I Becoming One of Them?

I shall not recite too much beyond the bare basics the comedy of errors that was yesterday.  I had finally returned via a mid-afternoon train from a 3-day business/personal excursion in central New JerseyFor compelling reasons not particularly relevant here, my car had been parked in a friend's driveway (and not in my own) during the excursion.

My friend, preoccupied with his own business and his own physical disability (and, to an extent, that of his mother-in-law) and his own vehicles, had not cleared the snow that had been deposited upon my car in my absence.

But I had to honor a late-afternoon appointment, and slack time was short, so I removed the snow from the car windows, but not the car's roof.  When I got to the main road, I accelerated in hopes of dislodging the snow from the roof, but that was not very effective because the snow was not dry powdery, and the road conditions did not warrant any further exceeding of the posted speed limits.

One of my pet peeves is drivers who do not clean the snow from the roofs of their cars, so the snow flies from their roofs and into my windshield on the open highway.

Am I becoming one of them?

Perhaps not.  After my late afternoon appointment (don't get me started with how dysfunctional it was), I went to a nearby synagogue (not my own) for a Megillah reading, for last night began the Holiday of Purim.  I had time before the Megillah to take out my snow brush and clear all the snow off from my car.

Wishing all a Happy Purim.

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