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Thursday, January 01, 2015

Updated Call for Cop Funeral:

Wishing my readers a Happy New Year.

Update to prior posting:

Last night, the annual Times Square Ball & Confetti Drop seems, from the news reports (I was not there), to have gone off without any undue violence, and Sharpton's Shitheads seem to have garnered comparatively little attention from the crowds and the Fourth Estate.  Maybe the cold temperatures and the dearth of latrine facilities had something to do with it.

So anything Commissar de Blasio may have done in the waning hours of 2014 to aggravate the tensions between his administration and the NYPD falls squarely upon his shoulders, and cannot be attributed to unruly protesters who weren't really part of "the Movement."

The phraseology "may have done" is deliberate hyperbolic understatement.  Blaz managed, unaided, to spit in the faces of all the NYPDers when he re-upped the The Dishonorable Laura Johnson for another stint on the Criminal Court bench.  Johnson, you will recall, released without bail some criminals who credibly threatened cops, including one who had failed to show for a court hearing and who had an outstanding arrest warrant.

The chances for another turning of backs towards the alleged Mayor at Sunday's funeral for Officer Wenjian Liu (as distinguished from a simple "cold, steely silence" have just increased quite markedly.  And Blaz cannot now whine that Sharpton made him do it.

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