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Monday, March 30, 2015

Still Suited Up to Play, but Warming the Bench

As mentioned earlier, I am very busy putting out various fires, racking up a few points here and there, and taking care of family matters.  My inspiration to blog has been quite low because I have been too burnt out to come up with anything unique and inspired.  I do expect things to ratchet back up in the coming weeks, however.

One thing that is not consuming us (much), for a change, is our preparations for the Passover holiday.  This year, for the first time in a long time, we will be away for much of Pesach, so we do not need to prep for the seders as in years past. 

To be sure, we will miss doing it ourselves, and will need to go along with the particular customs and practices and shtick of our hosts instead of doing it entirely our way.  And, as a guest, I will need to restrain my politically-incorrect comments a bit more than I would if I were the host (or, at least, must wait for someone else to cast the first stone before chiming in with my own comments).  One of the seder guests is known to espouse views that tilt heavily towards the stupid end of the human intelligence continuum.

Nevertheless, our invitations to spend the holiday away from home come at a time when they are very, very much appreciated in light of the respective stresses under which my wife and I each operate.

If I don't get around to posting before then, please accept our wishes for a very happy holiday.

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