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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Plans for the foreseeable future

The story of the Iran nuclear deal is all over the place; I have nothing to add to the commentary regarding it other than to state, most emphatically, that it is bad for the world for all of the reasons noted by the various pro-Israel and pro-America activists.

These, of course, are dangerous times for the whole world.  Now that my wife and I are in Israel, we have certainly had much to think about as far as our personal safety goes.  And we have, over the past few days, fielded questions regarding our future plans in light of the Iran nuclear deal.

To answer everyone's inquiries, there is and was never any question that we would remain here in the Holy Land of Israel for the duration of the long-term gigs that brought us here.  We do not believe that it is any more safe in the United States than it is over here.  For one thing, America is, by and large, a far softer target for the Muslim terrorists than is Israel.  Moreover, while all of America's political and social institutions seem to be crumbling before our very eyes, there is a certain degree of normalcy and stability over here in Israel which is not evident in America.

And while the Rabbis have long admonished us to not rely upon miracles, the world needs a miracle or two in the face of this Iran nuclear agreement.  And the odds of a miracle happening here in Israel are far, far greater than the odds of a miracle happening in the USA or anywhere else.

Israel, after all, has a long and distinguished track record for miracles.

In short, we are here, and, until further notice, intend to remain here for a while.

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