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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Chag Sameach Shavuoth

Having sold and vacated our house, we're staying at my sister-in-law and brother-in-law's place, pending our departure to Israel.  This past week, they went to Atlanta for a bar mitzvah of a cousin of my brother-in-law, so my wife and I had the house to ourselves, and also Laddie, their cairn terrier, who was a pleasure to dog-sit.  This weekend starts with the Sabbath, and then, two days of the holiday of Shavuoth.

We have been invited to spend Shavuoth with some old friends, who want to host us one last time before we depart for Israel (where Shavuoth will only be celebrated one day), and so, the brother- and sister-in-law will get the house to themselves again.  We will depart tomorrow morning to visit our friends, who live upstate.  And so, I take this opportunity to wish all a Happy Holiday, and now, it's back to work.

Chag Sameach!



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