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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Checks and Balances on Taxation

Of late, too many American courts have waved through the checkpoints the abuses of the Executive branch on both federal and state levels.  We have seen this in matters of firearms restrictions, property seizures, and taxation. 

For a change, there is one example of  a judiciary that did what it is supposed to do:  Prevent the excesses of the Executive Branch.  The case is Commissioner v. Proctor and Gamble Home Products Ltd.  The Commissioner appealed a decision from a lower tribunal.  The appeal was dismissed.  In dismissing the appeal, the Court, disgusted with the Commissioner's practice of appealing on issues already decided by it in prior cases, warned the Commissioner that he would be held personally liable for costs and penalties in future frivolous appeals.  The decision in the case can be read here or here; it is well worth the read.

Unfortunately, the above decision will not Directly Impact The Excesses Of Andy Cuomo Or Barack Hussein Obama.  The Court Is The High Court Of Judicature At Bombay, India.

Would that the American courts have such gumption to say "No!" to the Executive.

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