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Friday, October 02, 2015

Sukkot / Russia

We are now amidst the Festival of Sukkot.  There are differences between the way it is celebrated here in Israel and the way it is celebrated in America (and, for that matter anywhere outside of Israel).  In Israel, labors such as driving cars and turning electricity on and off are verboten on the first and last days; outside of Israel, the first two and last two days.  Businesses and government offices operate on special holiday schedules during the entire holiday.

Wishing all a Chag Sameach for what remains of the Festival.


Russia's active presence in Syria has been a very ill-kept secret for the past few months if not years.  Russian forces have just bombed targets propped up by the Obama regime, a clear rubbing of excrement in the face of Barack Hussein Obama.  Now, it seems, the Russians have leaked to the Israelis a prior tip-off of their latest operation.  The way I read this, it means that Putin does not wish to get his forces into any active engagement against the Israelis.  The Russians have laid low during recent Israeli activity in Syria and Lebanon.  Putin is far more cautious about Israel than he is about Obama's America.

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