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Sunday, November 01, 2015

Chartering education for undisciplined spoiled brats

I am not a great fan of former New York City Councilwoman Eva Moskowitz, who has gone entrepreneurial and has founded the Success Academy franchise for New York City Charter Schools.

Charter schools, you will recall, are chartered to provide education and are an effective admission that the New York City Department of Education's own schools are dysfunctional.

So now, there is whining and moaning from diverse quarters that Success Academy is too strict with its students (including those who pose disciplinary problems) and some reporters from the New York Times (of which I have never been, and do not expect to be in the future, a fan) have uncovered a "got to go" list used by Success Academy to circumvent the mandated expulsion procedures by making life so difficult for the students and their parents that the parents withdraw the students.

My take on it:  Perhaps Success Academy is being overly strict with its underage students.  And their circumvention of the expulsion regulations does not endear them to me.  But why shouldn't the Charter Schools be able to discipline their students? 

When I was growing up, there were (and still are today) various military-themed educational institutions (Virginia Military Institute, The Citadel, and Valley Forge Military Academy come immediately to mind) where disciplinary problem children were sent in order to straighten out their behavior.  These institutions have many successes to their credit.  The main difference between the Charter Schools and the private military boarding schools is that the latter charge tuition, so that the parents, having made the investment, are more prone to back up the school in the imposition and maintenance of a disciplinary regime.

At the Charter Schools, on the other hand, there are some spoiled parents who sabotage the education of their children.

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