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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Flying over Switzerland

Well, it now seems that Switzerland is now on the verge of complaining that American CIA flights violated Swiss airspace in transporting suspected terrorists. The Swiss people prize their political neutrality in world conflicts, and Swiss Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey seems concerned that transiting Swiss airspace to facilitate the interrogation of terror suspects in a language they understand impugns this neutrality.

Now never mind that during World War II, neutral Switzerland allowed German railroad trains to traverse its territory to access to port of Genoa, thus prolonging the fighting in Southern Europe and increasing American casualties! Never mind that Swiss banks participated in the theft of assets from Jews, and bankrolled Hitler! And never mind that the Swiss had several occasions to turn away Jewish refugees from Hitler's extermination machinery!

Fact is that during World War II, many American soldiers were interned as prisoners of war in Switzerland, with the full cooperation of the Swiss government.

If the Swiss wish to talk about their neutrality, then we Americans can also talk about Swiss neutrality!!


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