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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Close Down the City on Sharpton!

The news headlines here and here are that Al Sharpton was arrested for disorderly conduct. For the past week or two, Fat Al has stated his intention to shut down New York City. To be sure, Sharpton's arrest was relatively peaceable, and he was released after about 4 hours.

My comment: They ought to grant Sharpton his wish! The next time he and his followers engage in "civil disobedience" and get arrested, they should be taken to the precinct house or such other facility as can hold them. And then, the NYPD should shut down!! Before Fat Al and his boys and girls can be processed!! And before they can be provided food or water during what would have to be a very long wait in the holding cells!

If Sharpton wants to shut down New York City, then give the man his wish and shut down the city on him and his followers!!!

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