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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Limits on Protekzia for the Kennedys

Without in any way negating my significant political differences with Sen. Ted Kennedy, I wish him and his family the best of luck in what is, in all likelihood, the beginning of a prolonged and painful struggle with his disease. I take no glee whatsoever in learning of his medical condition. All indications are that he and his family will confront his condition with dignity.

My main gripe about the Kennedy family is that they, too often, get away with infractions which would cause significant legal problems almost for anyone else. But while they can smugly disobey many laws with impunity, the Senator's almost certain struggle will demonstrate, once again, that even Kennedy family members cannot violate the laws of physics, chemistry or biology.

The laws which Teddy got away with violating at Chappaquidick, and which William Kennedy Smith got away with violating in Palm Beach, and which Patrick Kennedy got away with violating while driving drunk one night in Washington -- these are all laws legislated by human beings. But the laws of nature relating to the acceleration of projectiles, the buoyancy of automobiles, aerodynamics, and the toxicity of various chemical compounds are G-d's laws. Not even the Kennedys can get away with violating these!

That being said, my hopes and prayers are with the Senator and his family during these difficult times.

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