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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tough Noogies, Ethan!

Ethan Mirenberg was suspended from school. He "forcibly pressed his knuckles against [the] scalp" of his former teacher Sharon Cantante, "grinding them into her scalp and causing her pain." She asked Ethan to cease and desist. Ethan did it again. This was not just a casual social meeting. Ethan entered his former school without permission, walked into Ms. Cantante's classroom while class was in session, and gave her the noogies.

At his due process hearing, the hearing officer recommended a 2-year suspension. The school district superintendent cut down the suspension to 9 months (i.e., the remainder of the 2007 - 2008 academic year.

If the suspension seems a bit harsh, it must be remembered that Ethan Mirenberg had a significant prior disciplinary record.

In any event, Ethan and his parents appealed the suspension. The judge threw out the case, on the grounds that Ethan had not exhausted his administrative remedies.

Now understand that Ethan is enrolled in another school district (for which his parents, in all likelihood, are paying the going non-resident tuition rate).

But Ethan's former lawyer is quoted as saying "What was done to this kid was unfair."

Unfair? If Ethan would have ceased and desisted and left the building the first time Ms. Cantante had politely requested him to cease and desist, then it would all be done! Over with! Closed! Fertig! Finito!

Actually, what was done with this kid WAS unfair -- to the students and teachers in the new school he is now attending.

And, quite curiously, there seems to be no civil tort case filed by Ms. Sharon Cantante against Ethan or his parents -- yet.

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  • At 03 November, 2009 04:40, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    your facts are wrong. thats not what happened. research your shit before you go and blab your fat mouth on your dumbass site which nobody cares about. you know what, the fact that im writing on this thing probably means im just as big of a loser as you are. wait....no im not. go do everyone a favor and choke on a dick FUCKHEAD.

  • At 04 November, 2009 04:49, Blogger Expatriate Owl said…

    You get YOUR facts straight, shmuck!! I DID research this. All of the info in the posting is straight from the court record.

    Please apprise me which of the statements in the posting are incorrect. If what I stated is "not what happened," then please explain what DID happen, and also explain why the court record does not correctly reflect what happened.

    I don't know who you are, but if you are Ethan Mirenberg (or his parents), then never mind me; the Judge in the Court has already declared you to be a loser. And if you are not Ethan Mirenberg, then you are either just one half-step above him -- or one half-step below him!

    Tough Noogies!!!

  • At 02 February, 2011 03:16, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hey expatriate owl we all know you're just a frustrated loser who went no where with their life so just do everyone a favor and walk your pathetic ass onto sunrise. this is not ethan but i am defending him. he did nothing wrong cantante lied about the entire thing. you're just as antisemetic as the asshole who set him up so go take you're white trash self and do something pertinent with your life. oh and btw cantante the upstanding honest teacher she is, is in the process of being charged with theft and lying about what she did with school funds. so i am sure you have some of the qualities this fine spanish midget possesses. once a loser always a loser...

    p.s. aside from the psychological torture he was put thru ethan is just fine and im sure will become your childs boss one day if you are even capable of reproduction you pathetic fool.

  • At 02 February, 2011 04:47, Blogger Expatriate Owl said…

    Anonymous {both of you, and you are probably the same person) --

    Your posting says more about you than it does about me.

    Please wipe yourself when you are finished!


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