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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Terrorist Bulldozer Attack

I have been busily engaged in various productive activities, including teaching, law practice, et cetera; this will likely occur for the remainder of the summer, including some out-of-town excursions.

This posting will address yesterday's bulldozer attack by a terrorist in the Holy City of Jerusalem. The BBC actually got footage of the rampage, which occurred, in part, directly in front of the BBC offices.

[If you have not already done so, please view the video.]

My comments on the Bulldozer Attack:

1. Rachel Corrie, you will recall, was a Darwin Award wannabe who was killed when she tried to obstruct an Israeli bulldozer that was in the process of demolishing a terrorist nest in Gaza. The liberal artsy-fartsy set in the entertainment industry staged a drama entitled "My Name is Rachel Corrie," which was responded to by some tasteful leaflets reminding the theatergoers of other women named Rachel who were killed by Arab terrorists (and though my grandmother was not a terror victim, and indeed, lived into her 90's, her name was also Rachel).

In any event, Rachel Corrie's family sued Caterpillar, Inc., the manufacturer of the tractor which Rachel Corrie tried to stop by interposing herself between it and the terrorist nest. The Federal Court for the Western District of Washington dismissed the lawsuit, and, somewhat surprisingly, the Federal Appeals Court of the wacko liberal Ninth Circus actually upheld the dismissal of lawsuit by Rachel Corrie's family against Caterpillar, Inc.

Note that the bulldozer driven by the Arab terrorist was also manufactured by Caterpillar! According to Corrie family logic, doesn't that make Caterpillar, Inc. terrorists? Shouldn't they be sued?

2. If civilians in Israel were not permitted to own weapons, how many more people would have been killed or injured before the terrorist was neutralized?

3. But for a time differential of less than six months, I, too, might have been a victim. Back in January, when I was in the Holy City of Jerusalem, I did some of my morning workout runs along the very street seen in the footage.

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