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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Oiling the Machinery for New York Disaster Relief

My politics are not consonant with those of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (nor, for that matter, with those of his father, former New York Governor Mario Cuomo).  Nevertheless, I applaud him for his willingness to cut some slack on the tax angle in order to facilitate the disaster relief required in New York. 

Andy Cuomo is providing a commodity that has long been scarce in the Executive Chamber in Albany -- Leadership.  He has (through what surely were direct orders to his underlings):

            *  Postponed filing and payment deadlines for taxpayers affected by Hurricane Sandy, including special provisions for employers' tax filing and payment of withholding taxes.

            *  Waived the Highway Use Tax and Fuel Use Tax for trucks carrying disaster relief supplies or equipment.

            *  Simplified the paperwork requirements normally required to the import of motor fuel into New York State.

            But I will be quick to observe that the measures imposed by Andy's administration effectively amount to an admission that (A) the government's paperwork burdens stifle economic efficiency; and (B) higher tax burdens likewise stifle economic efficiency.

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