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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Banking on School Safety

Banking on School Safety

This past week there was a bank robbery within a few miles of my home (I happen to have had prior occasion to visit that particular bank in a past legal matter).  Verbal demand for cash, no weapons brandished, nobody killed or injured, would probably be classified as a strongarm type robbery.

So this morning at shul, when the matter came up in conversation, I said that the banks should have armed guards and/or armed tellers.  One of my fellow congregants heartily agreed with me.

What made this conversation so notable is that this same person, whose hoplophobic tendencies have long been very pronounced, had just a few days ago told me how wrongheaded I was to advocate armed guards and teachers in schools (even before the NRA's public announcement yesterday).

And then, another guy (whose wife is an arsy-fartsy knee-jerk Obamatronic limousine liberal, albeit without the limousine) said that the banks don't need armed guards but that the schools do (!).  His rationale:  The people who go shoot up the schools are crazies, but the ones who rob banks are rational.  Banks, after all, are where the money is!

Good thing that his wife wasn't present at the time!

On the other hand, it would have been very interesting and entertaining to observe the conversation if she had been there.


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