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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Cuomo Orders Election Fraud to Proceed

Prior postings here have commended New York's Governor, Andrew Cuomo, for his effective leadership, notwithstanding the deep disagreement with Cuomo's political agenda.  But Cuomo's leadership and his political agenda are inextricably tied together, and where the two conflict, the political agenda will corrupt and pervert the leadership, and not vice versa.

Cuomo is an unabashed Democrat, and is in the tank for Obama, at least to the extent that the Obama agenda does not interfere with the Cuomo agenda (a major plank of which is to succeed Obama in the Oval Office).

Hurricane Sandy is a disaster, and Andy Cuomo has been effectively exercising his leadership skills to bring New York through the recovery process.  Most of it has been a matter of what is good for the people of New York is very consistent with Andy's political agenda.

But now, the leadership has been corrupted and perverted in a matter which goes to the very heart of any political agenda:  The election process.

Many polling places have been effectively knocked out by the Hurricane (fortunately, not my own; I have already visited it and done my duty to vote against Obama).  And so, in what ostensibly is a move to defend New York residents' right to the ballot, Andy Cuomo has issued Executive Order No. 62, permitting voters in New York City, or in Nassau, Rockland, Suffolk, or Westchester Counties to vote by affidavit ballot at any polling place in the State of New York.

There are, to be sure, provisions for the affidavit ballots to be transmitted back to the home districts, and to be scrutinized.  But it does leave the door wide open for election fraud.  And the identity theft epidemic now raging in this country can only exacerbate the opportunities for election fraud.  And while both major political parties have been known to perpetuate election fraud at various times and in various locales, the party most likely -- and most desperate -- in this election is the Democrats, what with the Obama thugocracy of ACORN, SEIU, the Chicago political machine, et cetera.  How clean can Cuomo and his political team really remain?

Accounting for the affidavit ballots is going to be very interesting.


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