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Monday, April 15, 2013

Cowards Get Their Come-Uppance

Some dhimmi-minded Jewish apologists tried to stop Pamela Geller's speaking engagement by the Men's Club of the Great Neck Synagogue.  Allying with supporters of Muslim terror, they made threats of litigation and worse.  They succeeded, BUT ...

Not that I do not have my issues with Pamela Geller.  And not that I do not have my big time issues with the Chabad organization.  And not that I would feel entirely comfortable having New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind as a squadron mate in a battle situation.

But those three did come through, big time, on this matter, and I give them my sincere gratitude.

Others have noted that Pamela Geller is bringing to light some very disturbing facts which the MSM is trying to cover up.  Others have noted that many of those who tried to silence Pamela Geller in Great Neck are the same ones who so vehemently asserted the free speech rights of the panel at an anti-Israel program at Brooklyn College (but not of the attendees who disagreed).  And others, including Pamela Geller herself, have noted that Habeeb Ahmed, a Commissioner of the Nassau County Commission on Human Rights, used his position to try to abridge Geller's right to speak and the public's right to hear and the Great Neck Synagogue Men's Club's right to sponsor a speaker.

And a friend who attended Geller's Great Neck talk at Chabad of Great Neck this morning informs me that at the event, Dov Hikind took GNS's Rabbi Dale Polakoff to task (Rabbi Polakoff was in attendance) for not taking his testosterone shots and standing up to his Board.

All of the foregoing has been duly discussed by others, and will not be further belabored here.  What I wish to note is that historically speaking, G-d has frequently given that little extra boost to Jews who stand up to our enemies, but has even more frequently had our enemies trample us down when we don't stand up for what is right.

[As this is now being posted, Pamela Geller is speaking at Congregation Beth El in Edison, NJ.  That congregation's spiritual leader, Rabbi Bernhard Rosenberg, also picked up the baton when the GNS people dropped it.  But that is not particularly newsworthy because Rabbi Rosenberg has withstood much heat in many a kitchen for asserting the rights of the Jewish people; it is only natural that he also would use his good offices to take up the towel which the Great Neck Synagogue threw in.].

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  • At 17 April, 2013 10:54, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Pamela Geller speaks in Edison, NJ at Cong. Beth-El - YouTube



    2 min - 9 hours ago - Uploaded by JewsOnTelevision

    After her speaking engagement at the Great Neck Synagogue was cancelled due to intense ...

    Search for videos of PAMELA GELLER IN EDISON

  • At 18 April, 2013 00:04, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    A message to President Obama and the United States Congress


    How many Coptic Egyptian Christians have to die before you take action? RABBI DR. BERNHARD ROSENBERG


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