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Friday, August 23, 2013

Update: The Cost of Incarceration

As a follow-on to the 16 August 2013 posting, which notes that locking up an inmate at a Federal prison costs about $29 K annually, it has been brought to my attention that the average annual cost of keeping the same inmate at Riker's Island or some other New York City facility hits up the New York City taxpayers for $167,731.  And most of them are awaiting trial!  [Query:  What about the Rikers Island inmate who commits an assault, rape or murder while serving a sentence, and, while the sentence is still running, is charged for the crime?  How do they count him (or, sometimes, her)?  Is he/she among the "sentenced" or among the "awaiting trial?"].

And, inasmuch as New York City's budget is heavily subsidized, directly through state infusions and indirectly by lower realty taxes, as compared to fair market value, than the surrounding counties, the term "New York City taxpayers" includes those such as myself who live in the suburban counties.

One way to lower the costs to the taxpayers:  Put the worst of the inmates (read most costly to incarcerate) on some derelict barges.  Tow the barges out west of Staten Island by the Jersey oil refineries but still in New York City's territorial waters, and then throw a lit cigarette into the Arthur Kill.

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