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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sukkot 5774

As one who observes the Jewish Festivals and Sabbath by, inter alia, not doing any of the labors used to build the Temple (except for carrying and using fire, which are permitted on the holiday but not on the Sabbath), I have been incommunicado for the past 3 days except for face-to-face conversations, in observance of Sukkot. 

Note that the Festivals are two days outside the Holy Land of Israel, a practice harkening back to the times when communications options did not include any of those using electric or electronic technologies, in order to ensure that observance of the Festivals did in fact include the same full day time period as observed in the Holy City of Jerusalem.

This year, the holy days of the Festival were Thursday and Friday, followed by the Sabbath, thereby keeping me incommunicado for three days.  And next week will come another Thursday-Friday-Saturday stretch.

Which means that my wife and I are now playing catch-up with our respective professional correspondence and obligations.

Notwithstanding the doubletiming it causes, I do enjoy the holiday, and the weather was great Sukkah weather this year.

I had intended to post my holiday wishes on this blog, but a few hours before sunset on Wednesday some grassfires broke out in the case I am now litigating, and I had to put them out.  By the time I got the solar system back into balance, it was time to shut off the computer, take my shower and get ready for the holiday.

And so, I wish everyone a Chag Sameach Sukkot for what remains of the holiday.

And now, on to the big pile of e-mails to be answered, papers to be graded, a PowerPoint to be completed for a presentation, and a little legal research for the brief I will likely have to write in the ongoing litigation.



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