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Friday, April 18, 2014

The Contrary Son


Our Passover Seder was just me and my wife.  For some very personal and positive reasons, it was even more uplifting than either of us had anticipated.  We missed having company, but then again, having some time alone with one's spouse also has its rewards.


The Hagaddah is the book that contains the order of the Pesach Seder (the word "seder" is Hebrew for order).  The Seder begins with discussion of The Four Sons:  The Wise Son is to be instructed in all of the details of the seder.  The Contrary Son (in Hebrew, "rasha" (evil)), who excludes himself from the practices and principles of the Torah is to be told that the Seder is for what G-d did for us (and not him) when He brought us out of Egypt; had the Contrary Son been in Egypt he would not have been redeemed.  The Simple Son, who asks "What is this," is given a simple answer to the effect that it is gratitude to G-d who brought us out of Egypt.  And the Son who Cannot Even Ask a Question must be told the story of the redemption from Egypt.  The remainder of the Seder essentially consists of telling that story for his benefit (and our own).


One Contrary Son is former attorney Stanley L. Cohen, who, the day before Pesach (Monday, 14 April 2014), pled guilty to various federal tax crimes, and, upon such plea, ceased to be an attorney in New York.  This Stanley Cohen (I have known throughout my life a handful of other individuals also named Stanley Cohen, and feel bad for them on account of this besmirchment of their good names) is the disciple of another Contrary Son, William Kunstler, and a former law partner of terrorist lawyer Lynne Stewart.  If the name Stanley L. Cohen sounds familiar, it is because he has just come off of defending Bin Laden's son-in-law, Suleiman Abu Ghaith.


Understand that the criminal defense attorney is an indispensable component of the justice system because in criminal prosecutions, it is absolutely essential that the government prosecutors be held to the requisites of the United States Constitution, no matter how heinous the criminal, and no matter how obvious his or her guilt.  Anything else would be an unchecked government, the effects of which we see today, before our very eyes, as the Obama administration views itself as being above the law.


Nor is there anything inherently wrong with a Jewish lawyer serving as a defense attorney for an enemy of the Jewish people (of which we have plenty); the criminal defendant may be the nominal client, but the truly diligent defense attorney is really defending the U.S. Constitution.


Cohen was not defending the U.S. Constitution; his objective has long been to enable the enemies of America and of the Jewish people.  He is a self-hating Jew.  He is truly the Contrary Son.


This post shall not link to Cohen's website, where he whines about how the U.S. Government has been on a witch hunt in his prosecution.  Hey, Stanley, you didn't file your taxes for six year, and you concealed big bucks in income.  You and your radical comrades talk about sharing the wealth; how about sharing the more than $3 million in your accounts?


When Stanley does his prison time, his fellow felons will, no doubt, have read about the big bucks he handled.  They are likely to presume that he has more stashed away, and take various measures to prevail upon him to share his wealth.


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