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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Rough Week, More of it Coming.

[We have gotten up from sitting shiva for my sister.  It has, of course, been a rough week (and today, being Mother's Day, is certainly all the more so for my Mom).  The family needs to move forward from this (as my sister absolutely would want as to do), so I shall not dwell upon this loss except to say that her many worldly sufferings have concluded and she is now in the Best Possible Hands, and to thank all who have expressed condolences.  Heartfelt appreciations are also in order to my adversary in a case now in litigation; he readily and willingly postponed his client's deposition that had been scheduled for the day of the funeral.  Would that all in the legal profession be so professional].

Few in America and elsewhere need any introduction to Roberto Clemente, the Baseball Hall of Famer who was also a humanitarian and a U.S. Marine.  Because Clemente was Puerto Rico born and bred, and because the hamlet of Brentwood in the Town of Islip, Suffolk County, NY has long had a significant population of Puerto Ricans and other Latinos, the Town named a public park after Clemente.  Political pandering, perhaps, but it would be gross understatement to say that they could have chosen far, far worse role models than Roberto Clemente as tags to a recreational facility for the children.

Well, the Park was undergoing an upgrade, and some filler soil was apparently needed, and apparently, one or more construction/demolition contractors "donated" the soil -- laden with asbestos and other toxic substances.  Now, the Town of Islip has appropriately sealed off the Park, and is now prepping civil lawsuits against the alleged dumpers as the Suffolk County District Attorney studies criminal charges.

My question:  How much of this damage control is personal?  Did any Town of Islip officials have any closer-than-arms-length relationships with any of the dumpers?

Something tells me that this story may take some novel twists and turns.

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