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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Stop Inconveniencing Me!

To my valued client (you know who you are):

I appreciate that you are (usually) current in paying your bills.  And I do appreciate that you always cooperate with me when I handle your legal affairs.

This time, however, you have let me down.  The package you sent me via international mail caused me lots of grief today.  You knew that the original 300+ page document is filed in the courthouse, and that I already have been e-mailed a pdf scan of it by the opposing attorney.  I do not need a the hard copy you sent me.

By sending me the COPY that was served upon you, and by sending it in a postal modality that required my signature, I had to drive all the way to the other side of town to the postal unit that handles the Israeli version of Registered Mail (I tried going yesterday, but the office was closed in the afternoons, and my commitments for the morning precluded me going when during yesterday's office hours).  Then I had to find parking; the best I could do was about 3 blocks away.  And because my name on my relevant Israeli ID documents is in Hebrew, and the package was addressed in English, the postal bureaucrat got into a shouting match with me over whether I was the real intended recipient.  (Did I mention that it took them about 15 minutes to locate the package?).

Bottom line:  What would, in the USA, amount to a 20-minute excursion at worst, took me over two hours total.

Next time, please don't send unnecessary documents in modes that require my signature!

In order to ensure that you understand the inconvenience you are causing me, my time for this (mis)adventure will be reflected on your next bill.

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