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Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Obama Kvittel

This has not been an indolent summer for me. I have been quite involved in lots of activities with lots of deadlines, and have 2 out-of-town excursions slated for the next 4 weeks. It has, of course, distracted me from many leisure activities, including postings on this Blog.

It has been reported that Barack Hussein Obama placed a note in the Western Wall when he was in the Holy City of Jerusalem, and that the note was retrieved and given to an Israeli newspaper, which published its contents (and indeed, a photo image of it).

My take on it:

A. The news media reports perpetuate The Big Lie that the Western Wall is the holiest site in Judaism. This is incorrect! The Western Wall is NOT "the holiest site in Judaism." The holiest site in Judaism is the Foundation Stone, Mt. Moriah, currently in Muslim captivity beneath the Dome of the Rock (May we all live to see G-d restore it to us!).

B. It has become a popular practice to place personal notes to G-d in the recesses and nooks and crannies of the Western Wall. These written notes are popularly known in Yiddish as "kvitlach" ("kvittel" in the singular). I myself have not chosen to do the kvittel thing; I am quite content to direct my supplications and queries and protestations to G-d in my daily prayers [Though on one occasion, having misplaced the kvittel entrusted to me by a friend in America, I wrote my own kvittel that referred G-d to the lost kvittel, and requesting Him to grant the supplication of my friend.].

C. These kvitlach are, by their very nature, very personal communications. It is wrong (and contrary to Jewish law) to read other people's mail without their explicit permission; all the more so in the case of such a personal communication to G-d.

D. There are many, myself included, who believe that the publication of Barack Hussein Obama's kvittel was intentionally effected by Barack Hussein himself, in order to cash in the obvious political dividends. I am not sure whether the one who retrieved it and leaked it to the Israeli newspaper was directly engaged as a confederate, or whether Barack Hussein correctly guessed that some useful idiot would do his bidding for him. But Obama is too much of a political animal for me to believe that he hadn't considered the very, very strong possibility that his kvittel would somehow go public.

E. And so, the Israeli newspaper was party to a very grave unwarranted invasion of a person's privacy, and/ or it was an instrumentality in Obama's political machinations.

F. And just about every newspaper which reports the incident includes the text of the Obama Kvittel. Which is why this post has no hyperlinks to any of the stories: While I do not care to boost Obama's political capital, neither do I wish to invade his personal privacy if indeed the kvittel was sincere.

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