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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Feeding the Fatsos

As expected, my calendar has been quite active since previous posting.

During this past week was my first day of classes for the Fall Semester. As usual, there were several fires for me to put out upon my return to campus after a few weeks hiatus. These included, in no particular order:

* Catching up on the pile of mail in my departmental mailbox (most of it was junk, of course).

* Renewing my campus parking sticker -- which meant that I had to go to the Bursar's Office to make the payment. And, while I was there, retrieve my paycheck from the Summer Session. This was a bit more expeditious than initially envisioned. One of the front-line supervisors behind the Bursar's window happens to have been one of my students a few years ago. She called me to one of the unused windows, processed my parking payment, and got my paycheck for me. Less than 5 minutes total! But hey, was I supposed to turn down the gratuitous offer?

* Searching for the Syllabus for one of my classes. All of my Course handouts had been sent to the copy shop a few weeks ago by my Department Secretary, after I e-mailed the documents to her. She is very meticulous and trustworthy, so I knew that she wasn't the problem. Turns out that one of the copy jobs had inadvertently been wrapped in a package sent to one of my colleagues. When she opened her class handouts package, she immediately realized that the Syllabus was not hers, so she gave it to me. But ….

* Turns out that the copy shop had collated the job incorrectly. Fortunately, they were in a slight slack period, so they redid the copy job. Which was just as well, because there were a few changes to be made to the Syllabus (typo errors, relocation of the Course to another classroom in another building, change in some resource URLs on account of a total recast of the Library's website, et cetera). So they redid the copy job with the correct info in the Syllabus.

* Reserve audiovisual equipment for demonstration lecture planned for next week.

Classes went off without any unusual hitches. I think that I'll enjoy this semester.

And at another institution of higher education, my son is now moving into the dorms this weekend. He's looking forward to it (as are my wife and I).

And now, for the main purpose of this post:

Recall that this past Rosh Hashanah, we had a fatso couple as houseguests, who, per the posting of 16 September 2007, were referred to as "He" and "She." Unfortunately (but hardly unexpectedly), She dropped dead a few months ago, no doubt on account of her morbid obesity. Our houseguests this past Shabbat included He, who, ever the polite visitor, brought some dessert for after dinner. What did He bring? A Lemon Meringue Cake and a Napoleon Cake (from a reliable kosher bakery, of course).

And, of course, my wife, who has her own obesity issues, indulged in those delights which He brought. We usually do not have dessert for Shabbat dinner, but when we do it usually is fruits and/or sorbet. We do not go hot and heavy into the superfattening stuff like pies and cakes. Because if that stuff is ever brought to the table, then my wife will usually overindulge in it. Which is exactly what happened this past Shabbat (though only to a relatively minor degree -- it could have been much worse).

From viewing the old photographs of He and She, it is my hypothesis that once He married She, his diet made a significant change to all of those sugar-rich and fat-rich and fiber-poor victuals, many of which have metabolized into fat tissue. She never cooked anything non-fattening (my wife and I were hosted for dinner by He and She on numerous occasions). And, now that She is gone, He has yet to transition back to healthy eating.

Fatsos have enough of a problem as it is. And much of their problem is that they have been conditioned to stuff food into their mouths. Why do we have to feed them such things as would add to their weight? If your host or hostess is overweight, then don't bring them all of those fattening pastries and candies! Bring fruit or something like that! And don't encourage the feeding reflex!

Please Don't Feed the Fatsos!!

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