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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Skirting the Election

Am I the only one who has this impression? It seems that ever since Sarah Palin was chosen by John McCain to be his running mate, the women on the street seem to be more into wearing skirts and/or pantyhose. While Hillary Rodham Clinton and Michelle Obama were the leading ladies in the news media, it seemed that more women followed Hillary's cue and wore pantsuits, and Michelle's point blank statement that she abhors wearing pantyhose.

Now, I seem to see more skirts and pantyhose on women. Including the college campus where I teach (and college campuses are among the last place one would expect to find an increase in skirts or pantyhose these days).

Is it just the cooling weather? [Not likely.]. The seasonal shift of the calendar to September? Or is Sarah Palin actually exerting a subconscious influence upon so many women in America?

My family hasn't been in the apparel business since my grandfather retired from Gimbels in the early 1970's (he went there after trying his hand in a failed clothing store and a bankrupt garment manufacturing shop). Does anyone out there have any data on the latest women's apparel sales trends for the past few weeks?

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