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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Making the Mandate Mandatory

The two most notorious (though not necessarily the most nefarious) provisions of the Obamacare law are the Individual Mandate to be covered by healthcare insurance and the Employer Mandate to provide healthcare insurance to employees.  This posting shall not now delve into the exacting details, the rules, the exceptions to the rules, or the perversions of the rules by those who should be enforcing them (i.e., the Obama administration).

It suffices to say that the Obama Administration has unilaterally taken upon itself to delay enforcement of the Employer Mandate, and the Republicans in Congress now seek to impose a commensurate delay in the enforcement of the Individual Mandate.  Conspicuous by its absence is the critical spotlighting by the Republicans of the Obama Administration's double standard in the matter, a publicity campaign along the lines of "sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander."

Well now, Judicial Watch and Dr. Larry Kawa are doing what the Republicans should have been doing in that regard, except they are taking the opposite approach.  Instead of striving to delay the Individual Mandate, they have filed suit to enjoin the Administration from delaying the Employer Mandate.

The strategy is not only interesting, but also carries a level of integrity that has been missing from the whole process thus far.  Employers are, by and large, elated to have a one year's reprieve from the Employer Mandate.   Dr. Kawa is asking to be treated equitably, even if such equity means he will be deprived of his entitlement privilege.

We shall see how this one develops.  For the Congress.  For the Administration.  For the Employers.  For the Individual Mandate.

And, of course, for the Judiciary, whose integrity is being tested no less in the matter.

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