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Monday, July 21, 2014

Racial Disturbance in Deer Park

Deer Park and Wyandanch are two adjacent hamlets in Suffolk County, Long Island, New York.  Wyandanch is mostly African-American, while Deer Park is overwhelmingly white.

There has been some racial unrest in those communities during the past few weeks.  Some white people from Deer Park have been firing heavy duty Fourth of July fireworks over the border line into Wyandanch, causing injury and fear in predominately residential neighborhoods.  The fireworks were smuggled into Deer Park from South Carolina by Deer Park residents and other whites.  Over the past few days, however, the Deer Park gangs have taken to throwing rocks and shooting bullets into residential Wyandanch neighborhoods, and now, have physically invaded Wyandanch and attacked and kidnapped Black women and children there.

The Wyandanchers, quite understandably, have begun to retaliate, and have invaded Deer Park.  They burned down a garage used to store fireworks.  Members of the Wyandanch auxiliary police have suited up and are entering Deer Park with their weapons, making arrests.

Given the circumstances, one need not be politically liberal to empathize with, or even support, the Wyandanchers.

[Actually, the foregoing is a fabrication.  It was concocted as an exemplar, albeit a fictional one, of communities under attack who attempt to stop the lawless assailment.  And people of good will from all across the political spectrum invariably support the retributive measures taken by the attacked communities.  --  Unless, of course, the attacked communities happen to be Jews living in Israel or elsewhere.]

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