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Thursday, August 07, 2014

Don't They Understand That They are Next?

There are more than a few Americans who, for whatever reason, do not feel any great affinity towards their Jewish neighbors, and, in fact, are (none too) subtly applauding and cheering the Hamas rockets that target Jewish civilians.

I shall not now get into the psycho-social reasons for their dislike of Jews.  But regardless of your feelings, foul or fair, towards me and my people, there are some very practical reasons why you should really, really be concerned over world current events.

Don’t they understand that the Islamic terrorists will not stop at the Jews?  Don’t they understand that the Islamists have already begun to oppress and exterminate Christians in earnest?  Don’t they understand that the Muslim terrorists consider Israel to be a testing ground for their attack upon America?

And don’t the so-called Muslim “moderates” understand that they, too, are considered infidels by the Islamist terroristic interests, and are also in line for destruction?

If the Jews are not safe, then neither is anyone else.

[As alluded to, perhaps a bit cryptically, in the prior posting, my wife and I are now in Israel.  There are some business matters to attend to, and, of course, some personal time with friends and relatives. We went to the Holy City of Jerusalem this morning and are now staying with some friends in what is technically a part of Jerusalem, but which the State Department considers to be in non-Israeli territory.   I will note that there is a palpable mood change from our prior visit a half-year ago; the Israeli-on-the-street now seems just a bit more determined to address the existential threat to his or her existence.].

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