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Saturday, August 09, 2014


In America, it is not uncommon for an American to display the American flag on his or her residence.  Flags flying from porches, windows, or even flagpoles on the front lawn send the message that "I am an American and I love my country."  Each flag owner/displayer has his or her personal reasons to motivate the display of the American flag.

In Israel, an even greater percentage of Israelis fly the Israeli flag from their balconies, rooftops, front windows, and everywhere else.  One such Israeli family is the one we visited the other day.

Their home is in an area considered to be disputed territory by the U.S. State Department.  In flying the blue and white Israeli flag from their rear terrace, they are making an affirmative political/religious statement that carries implications far, far beyond those of the American who displays Old Glory from his or her home.

Indeed, when we drove up from the Holy City of Jerusalem to the north, we went through the Shomron area (otherwise known as the "West Bank"), and passed several Jewish settlements where the blue and white Israeli flag was copiously displayed.

If only more Americans appreciated the value of our flag as much as the Israelis value theirs.

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