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Monday, May 18, 2015

What to do for wheels?

One question now weighing on the minds of me and my wife, as we prepare for our relocation to Israel, is the transportation problem.  What shall we do for an automobile?

Our son, who, as noted previously, is already in Israel and who is making preparations for our arrival (he has already lined up an attorney and an apartment for us), has provided us with a short list of vehicles for us to consider.

One of the vehicles on the short list is the Škoda Octavia.  This model is frequently used as a police vehicle or a taxi in Israel; certainly a notable positive factor in arriving at our decision.

[Though Škoda is a Czech brand, it actually is in the Volkswagen group.  It has long fascinated me that  Israel, a country with so much nominal animosity towards Germany, is so, so German in its motor vehicles, architecture, and haute couture.  And now, it seems that Germany is Israel's only friend in the European Union.].

Well, our son has now provided another piece of intelligence to consider in our car purchase decision:  A man was arrested in Tel Aviv for driving a Škoda Octavia at 229 km/h (142 mph for those of you who are not conversant in the metric system).  A confirmation that, unlike its senior relative the Volkswagen Beetle (at least the ones when I came of age), the Škoda Octavia has good acceleration.

We obviously will need to look at cars after we get over there before making anything resembling a final decision, but the Škoda Octavia will certainly be on our "to be considered" list.


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