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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Seasonal Affective Disorder 2015 - 2016

Nothing particularly inspiring to blog about these past 3 weeks (must be the usual seasonal affective disorder).  Everything pretty much routine for everyone here.

Last week I completed an intensive Hebrew language improvement course, which has helped me noticeably (though I still need more of it; have an appointment to discuss a possible course given in January by a local purveyor instead of having to shlep into Tel Aviv 4 days a week).  Approximately one-third of the last class were French, about one-fourth from the former Soviet Union, about one-fourth Anglos, and a few from other miscellaneous places (including Latin America, Denmark, and Italy).

Though Christmas is not my holiday, I do hope that my Christian friends had a merry one.  Back in the States, several of my neighbors had some, shall we say, very visible Christmas light decoration displays (some of which were reported in the local newspaper).  Israel being Israel, there is not too much of that to be seen here, though there is a visible Christian community in my town, most of whom are employees of American companies who have been assigned to the Israel offices, and who commute to Tel Aviv or Ramat Gan (and in the case of one I know, to the Holy City of Jerusalem).  There is a store in town that sells Christmas decorations; the owner tells me that the people who come in to buy them often remain loyal customers throughout the year.

Some potentially interesting personal and professional plans are now shaping up for me and for my wife.  Nothing to report yet, but perhaps some of the events in the offing  shall bring me past this current burn-out.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

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