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Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Taking delivery.


Since our arrival in Israel we have been renting our car.  We have finally taken delivery on our new automobile purchase:  A ┼ákoda Yeti.  Back in May, before we arrived here, we were considering a sister car, the ┼ákoda Octavia.  But the Yeti had a better availability date, and besides, my wife missed the higher road view of the vans she had been accustomed to driving in the States.  And the Yeti has more room than the Octavia, which has already come in handy.

We purchased it with the proceeds of selling our two cars in the States (each within a week before we departed).

In Israel, taking delivery of a car is different from taking delivery in the USA.  In the States, you go to the dealer who sold you the car; in Israel you go to the regional distribution center (which, for us, is on the other side of Tel Aviv, about a 30 km drive each way.  We both drove down in the rental car, then drove back to the Avis car rental place near our community to return the rental car.

We had the foresight to purchase the bumper-to-bumper body damage insurance when we took out the rental because, during the past 5 and a half months we had the car we put lots of mileage on it and it got a few scratches and dinks in the process (plus a flat tire).  And the dust cloud last August/September didn't help matters much.

We now have our own car.  So far, we enjoy the ride.

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