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Monday, February 22, 2016

Semi-Colonial Dynamic

Per a New York Post article, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is now whining about the " semi-colonial dynamic" between New York City and New York State, and about the "arbitrary approval process in Albany" for the City to do what it wants to do.

Like most all other municipalities in the USA, New York City exists as a creature of the State in which it is situated (or, in the case of Washington, DC, the United States Congress).  New York City has long viewed Albany as its dedicated ATM machine (and was doing so even before there were ATMs).

I do agree with Blaz that NYC needs to go to Albany for too many non-fiscal approvals, most notably the City University of New York.  But New York City is treated differently than the rest of New York State for purposes of drivers' licensing, firearms permits, and other matters.

Problem is, New York City has long abused its ATM privileges in Albany.  My wife and I have been quite fortunate that our son has (for the past few years, at least) been fiscally responsible with our money.  We can now give him our credit card and not worry about him going on a spree with it.  But I know too many people whose children are not so responsible, many of whom have taken away their childrens' credit cards.  And I know a few who have declined to institute any such tough love measures, to the detriment of their children and to the detriment of their bank accounts.

New York City has cast itself in the role of a dependent colony of Albany.  Unless and until NYC starts showing some fiscal wisdom and stops the proverbial wallet from hemorrhaging, there should be nothing "semi" about the colonial dynamic between the City and the State.

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