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Friday, March 11, 2016

Where has Everyone Gone?

I've been doing more than my normal amount of travel within Israel during the past 3 weeks, and within a broader geographical area than usual (including but hardly limited to an overnight in the Holy City of Jerusalem).  These are difficult times in Israel.  There is a wave of terror that impacts not only Israelis, but also American visitors who are not even Jewish.  Falling into that category is Taylor Force, a West Point grad who was one of America's best and brightest.  [RIP, Taylor.].

These Muslim attacks hit very closely and intimately.  Just a few days before one of the Jerusalem attacks I had passed by the very spot where it occurred.  A neighbor of mine had passed very close to the situs of another one of the attacks less than 24 hour before the event occurred.  The situation is worrying my friends and relatives back in the States.

Note that life continues here in a normal fashion, including the streets of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem (and, for that matter, the town where I live).  Note also that most of the organized tours obtain armed military protection for visits to the critical areas.

On the positive side, I have been pleased and privileged to meet many Americans and people from other nations who have come in friendship to visit Israel.  To them, I give my thanks; your support means much to me (and many other Israelis no doubt agree with me 100%).

Many of the foreign visitors I have met (and will no doubt continue to meet) are not Jewish.  Of this I am most appreciative, while, at the same time, more than a little bit disgusted that so many American Jews are hesitant to come and visit Israel.  The liberal-leaning upbringing of so many Jewish baby-boomers has morphed into a disconnect from their Jewish heritage, and from the land G-d gave them.

Worse yet are the American Jews who have replaced their Jewish faith with a worship of the leftist political agenda, and who proactively oppose Israel.

When there are more American Christian groups at the hotel than American Jewish groups, it is a cause for at least a mild degree of concern; the Jewish groups should be flocking here in droves.

Something is definitely amiss when so many of our non-Jewish friends are more supportive of us than so many of our Jewish brethren.

So if you have traveled to visit us here in Israel, we I thank you.  And if you have not, then come visit us already!

[My travels have ended, but something big may well be in the works; if so, then it will likely inhibit postings to this Blog.]

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