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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

This Time at Times Square

There are less than six hours to go (Eastern Standard Time) for the calendar year of 2014.  This Blog has previously weighed in on New Year's celebrations in general, and on the famed one at Times Square in particular.  This year, the Times Square event carries implications that were not there in prior years.

In prior years, everyone is there to celebrate the coming of the New Year, even if it constitutes little more than an excuse for drunken revelry.  This year, Al Sharpton's anti-cop, anti-America, anti-civilization crowd specifically plans to disrupt the Times Square ball drop festivities.

From the calm of my own desk in my own home/office, I now ponder the following imponderables:

**  Given the New York City Police's obviously concerted decrease in arrests and summonses (synonym:  labor strike), are the NYPDers really up to preserving order and decorum to the extent they have been in prior years?

**  Wishful thinking:  If Sharpton's Shitheads get too overly out of hand, might the NYPD enlist the good offices of the FDNY to borrow their fire hoses to douse the protesters, what with the colder-than-usual temperatures this year at Times Square?

**  How will the majority of revelers, who will be at Times Square with the intention of having a good time for New Years, interact with Sharpton's Shitheads?  Will they join the protesters?  Will they turn upon the protesters?  If so, to what extent will the NYPD intervene?

**  Might there be potential for an incident or event at tonight's festivities to impact the attitudes (and therefore, actions) of the NYPDers with respect to their decorum when Commissar de Blasio speaks at the upcoming funeral of Officer Wenjian Liu?

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