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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Terror Sprouting in Belgium

I write this post as the story from Belgium is still unfolding.  It will not have anything resembling a happy ending.  There are all types of paybacks involved here, not the least of which is that to the excesses of King Leopold, but neither is the Europeans' welcome of the "refugee" jihadist invaders.

The events in Belgium, and what is now happening in Europe, are the natural and logical result of Europe's own follies.  The Europeans still can't directly acknowledge what is happening, and cannot learn from their past mistakes.  They have persisted in condemning and denigrating Israel in order to curry favor with the Muslim invaders.  This tactic has long been counterproductive.

The Jewish people are the canaries in the mineshaft.  The world should have listened to Israel years ago, instead of directing its energies towards Israel-bashing.  There now is hell to be paid for the past inattention and scoffing.

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